Site update imminent!

Here @cloverhosting we have been looking to introduce a updated design which will include introducing live 24/7 support chat to complement our 24/7 support ticket service. The site update will begin when the tutorial scripts have been finalised and the production is underway.

11th Oct 2022
New Hosting plans coming soon

After a turbulent couple of years @cloverhosting is preparing to relaunch some new upgraded plans with much more attractive pricing and features, accompanied a new collection of tutorials focused on the latest version of Wordpress and some cPanel basics.

7th Oct 2022
New Tutorials in production

We apologise for the lack of updates to our web tutorials. We are hoping to have a small but informative collection available on in a short time frame. We started planning this morning so if you want a tutorial that you cannot find please contact us @cloverhosting

9th Sept 2022

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